Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal


The house is built on a small lot (7.00m x 3.30m) with a useful area of 50 m2 on three levels.

The project is a renovation of a neglected building in degradation.

The location along the Calçada da Serra on the front of the Douro river overlooking the ancient core of the city of Porto, constitutes, despite its modest size, an exceptional opportunity to create a house of particular value.

Two entrances, one at the street level and another at a lower level from a private street. This condition allows the 2 main bedrooms to be used autonomously.

The access from Calçada da Serra leads to the common areas of the house (entrance, bathroom, kitchen, living/ dining room and bedroom), while the lower entrance with private access, will function as the owner's work area (design studio and artistic workshop with a bathroom).

Large windows, diversified heights and a terrace are the elements structuring the organization of spaces with the aim of amplifying the modest dimensions and conquering an exceptional landscape relationship.

The use of open concrete in the interior defines the character of the construction system by eliminating additional thickness of the claddings and leaving the wood of the painted pine floors and the painting of the remaining parts, the chromatic and decorative component of the space.

The exteriors, of which the façade of the entrance on the Calçada da Serra is maintained and painted in dark chestnut color in continuity with the interior finishes.