Widnau School

Location: Widnau, Switzerland
Date: 2012
Awards: First stage selection award

Client: Gemeinde Widnau

Fátima Fernandes e Michele Cannatà

Riccardo Cannatà
Dario Cannatà
Nuno Castro


The spatial distribution of the program is linked to the morphological characteristics of two separate volumetric:

The old building, where we found availability for programs that require higher reserve sizes of different rooms (heterogeneity and difference) and a smaller scale;

The new Building, with a long, generous, where you can rehearse and repeat sizing of small sets classrooms / rooms group (homogeneity and repetition);

The Ground floor is seen as an exception and as such contains programs more functionally differentiated and autonomous: Kindergarten, Auditorium Room and Entry.
The use of morphological concepts clear and simple is, at bottom, all the great flexibility of the proposal. Thus, we do not change the structural configuration of the old building, giving only their vertical circulation capacity to become accessible to people with disabilities – but keeping everything else – to draw a new building in which we define the zone of movement along a facade and the spaces next to each other and especially when using the level 0 as a continuous set of opening and closing times, linking the interior and exterior, building(s) and landscape.