Hidden Modern

Hidden Modern – Architecture of Douro’s Hydroelectric Power Stations 1953-1964
FAUP publications

Fátima Fernandes e Michele Cannatà

João Machado

Cristina Fernandes
Maria Alexandra Cordeiro

Rainho & Neves

Fátima Fernandes e Michele Cannatà
Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto

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115 752/97



The three hydroelectric power stations made in the 50′s and 60′s, near the Portugal – Spain border in the point where Douro river finds the way into the Portuguese territory, clearly establish an exceptional event to verify and investigate the possibility of creating new high quality anthropomorphic sceneries, through a project method in which architecture proposes itself has a guiding subject of the multiple interveners and conditions involved in the process.
The purpose of the exhibition and this publication is to contribute for the knowledge, recovery and rehabilitation of this important experience, which we consider fundamental for the historical reading of Portuguese Modern Architecture. Due to the obvious space and economic limits, the exhibited and reproduced material represents, even though partially, some aspects which we consider essential and significant.
The architecture exhibitions are always difficult to carry out because the object is always absent. Buildings cannot be exhibit in a museum. The only possibility is to show what represents them, e. g., sketches, drawings, models, paintings, photographs. These must be the originals. But the truly real originals, the buildings, stay where they are and, therefore, absent to the visitors.