Construir no Tempo

Building Upon Time
ESTAR Editora

Fátima Fernandes e Michele Cannatà

Miguel Neiva – Ícine Design

Jorge M. Rodrigues Ferreira

Fátima Fernandes e Michele Cannatà
ESTAR Editora

Legal Deposit



The recognition by UNESCO of the historic importance of Oporto old center as World Heritage, the processes of urban changes that take place mostly in this area, the existence of a recognized architectonic culture embodied by the presence of a number of architecture schools, emphasized by the international recognition of architects graduated in the town, seem enough to propose to a broader audience a reflective moment on an actual subject and professional field.
To build upon the remnants of former constructions, changing them to sustain men vital functions is the general and underlying subject of architectonic intervention on contemporary urban dynamics.
With this goal, the exhibition, far from aiming to fulfill all the issues of this debate, wants to bring forth, with the body of work of three architects, the wide range of architectonic and spatial approaches that intervening in former constructions arises, and the complex approach of their different philosophies.
More than assert theories, the projects give the architecture reply to the perpetuation of life in the place, to restoration, reconstruction and layouts of pre-existent constructions. The formal result of the different projects here present is secondary to us, if we consider the intervention philosophy followed, of which we prefer to understand the methodological approaches and judge them from the architecture point of view and its function in the fabrication of the town. We want to emphasize this concept, since it is important to recognize the historic function of architecture, and to avoid the sterile debate on architecture syntax, that would only shift the discussion to the frail fields of subjectivism and fashion.