Nicolas Green Square

Location: Melicucco, Itália
Date: 1990-1995
Award Piranesi given by the Slovene Academy of Sciencis and Arts. 1996
1st Award Nini Arcurid. Reggio Calabria Order of Architects. 1998 Edition

Client: Melicucco City Hall

Fátima Fernandes and Michele Cannatà

Photographic credits
Franco Mileto
Luis Ferreira Alves


The transition of an enclosure belongs to the Primary School of the small city of Melicucco to the public domain and the demolition of a ruin belonging to the Municipal Council created the conditions for the construction of an urban area that could, with dignity, represent a place for social meetings and repose while also being a memorial.
The program established the widening of the paths, creation of some leisure and rest areas and the repair of the lapis in honour of those who died in the Great War and through Work.
The existing stairway and a “lávica” stone pavement were incorporated as archaeological remains of value in terms of a public memory lessened by successive earthquakes. These elements used as architectural fragments linking the new intervention to the past enabled this architecture to function as a container of memories, which could be transmitted over the ages.
The wall supporting the road, which is at the higher level, provided the support for the commemorative stone and shade for those using the bench and fountain.
The diverse levels of the ground were used to differentiate areas throughout the square, permitting varied uses.
The “travertine” and the concrete, moulded in situ and treated with surface washing were the only materials used.