Mogadouro’s Bus Station

Location: Mogadouro, Portugal
Date: 2003-2007
Awards: 1º Prize for the Project of Mogadouro’s Bus Station, by the Jury Selection Board

Client: Mogadouro City Hall

Built area 2.500 m2
Cost 1.200.000,00€

Fátima Fernandes and Michele Cannatà

Riccardo Cannatà
Dário Cannatà
Riccardo Cannatà
Dario Cannatà
Alessandra Cerrito

André Lira

Bruno Silva

Cristina Neves

Filipe Afonso

Isabella Fera

Marta Lemos

Miguel Meirinhos

Nuno Castro

Patricia Moreno

Ricardo Almeida

Structural Engeneering
Torção – Gil Silva Gusmão

Torção – Gil Silva Gusmão

Mechanical Engeneering
Get – Raul Bessa

Electric Engeneering
Lightplan – Fernando Silva

Photographic credits
Luís Ferreira Alves

Construções Joaquim B. Ferreira Lda.


A square defined by a group of incoherent buildings and the walls of a cemetery placed on a green surface together with the access stairs portray the place as a gateway for the Village.
The Bus Station a place where people come and go par excellence should play an interactive role with the contemporaneity providing comfort upon arrival and illusion in departure.
To ensure the functioning of the square with the bus nave and the cemetery along with the surrounding streets essential to the dynamics of any public space intended to be an driving force of collective activity, our proposal provides the agglutination of the nave through a garden hedge which by their ambivalence allow the size of the square to be so important to its function.