Marchetta House

Location: Polistena, Italy
Date: 1992-1993

Client: Teresa Marchetta

Cost 75.000,00€

Fátima Fernandes and Michele Cannatà

Photographic credits
Franco Mileto
João Ferrand


The house is built on a small plot in the urban center of Polistena.
The direct relationship with the street and need to propose a bright and open space was not compatible with the needed intimacy inherent function of inhabiting.
In this sense, just on the border of the street a patio with glass cover was builted, completely closed to the public space, which provided a glazed window across the living room, dining room and kitchen wall.
Inside, a series of skylights light the building space with variations capable of transmitting different sensations throughout the day and different seasons.
The small facade acquires a noble and daring dimension with the introduction of a portal marble of Carrara.