Guerra House

Location: Maia, Portugal
Date: 1999-2005

Client: Maria Guerra and Raul Guerra

Fátima Fernandes and Michele Cannatà

Filipe Afonso
Ingrid Barroso
Javier Calo
Victor Correia
Carlos Gonzaga

Photographic credits
Luís Ferreira Alves

Construções Campos


The project tries to solve a few diagnosed pathologies as well as to give answers to the new functional program.
The creation of a new exterior volume became relevant. It was to be used, in one hand, as a guarantee of functional autonomy of the two lower floors and, on the other hand, as a fundamental element for the re-qualification of the exterior image and consequent formal balance of the set.
This new building embraces the preexistent one, substituting the façade entrance volume to the Terramonte Street and making possible a creation of a space entry to the ground level floor with a more appropriate staircase. The lateral ramp allows direct access to the lower level and defines an exterior yard, grounded at the lower floor quota, by stepping away from the lateral façade. This yard relates directly with a kitchenette room which is enlivened by the accessibility to exterior areas and by the increase of natural lightning.
At the bottom of the ramp, a glazed space articulates the access with both lower level and the exterior gardened space, allowing a wider visual range from the interior to the exterior and a higher spatial fluidity in the articulation of the several different areas.