Elia Borgese House

Location: Polistena, Italy
Date: 1991-1993

Client: Carmela Elia

Cost 125.000,00€

Fátima Fernandes and Michele Cannatà

Photographic credits
Michele Cannatà


The building appears as a parallellipipedic volume articulated between patios that acquire throughout the different everyday family activities. By car an on foot the access is made through the courtyard garden which provides the needed intimacy.
The inner courtyard is the axis distribution of the social and services functions resulting in a outdoor everyday room.
The size and shape of the openings that relate the interior and exterior are intimately connected with the characteristics and desires of events and sensations that are intended to enable the different spaces of the dwelling.
The articulation on two levels ensures a first separation between the rest areas and the social areas. A central area with double height ceilings, marked by a quadrangular skylight directly connects both areas, expanding the size of the actual event.
Two terraces that communicate with each other on the upper floors provide the muddle in the private space in close visual relationship with the countryside surrounding this part of the house.