Cardal holiday House

Location: Bemposta, Portugal
Date: 1999-2002

Client: Jorge Silva

Fátima Fernandes and Michele Cannatà

Carlos Gonzaga
Francisco Fernandes
Victor Correia

Torção – Gil Silva Gusmão

Photographic credits
Luís Ferreira Alves


Two accesses located on the opposite ends of the plot to the east and west distinguish the two entrance typologies: one situated at the highest level of the road permits the car access to the garden and the house, the other, at the lowest level, permits access to a parking zone and a garden-platform. A staircase makes the exterior connection between this platform and the garden located at the high level, thus enabling the use, albeit limited, of the part of the plot at the level of the main road.
A path perpendicular to the parallelepiped volume of the house provides an enlarged visual axis of the horizonline, highlighted by the view through the frame of the living room window.
The volume is positioned with its broadest side parallel to the main road and all its spaces are illuminated to the west by windows in iron and glass.
Access to the house is made through a covered patio inside the volume, which is completely open to the south, connecting directly with the living room.
Inside, a corridor positioned parallel to the eastern side leads to all the rooms.
All the habitable compartments enjoy direct light from the outside, making the maximum use of the landscape potential of the surrounding land.