27 Council Homes

Location: Polistena, Italy
Date: 1984-1987
Honourable Mention in the Internacional Award of Arquitectura Andrea Paladio
Honourable Mention in the Premio INARQ dell Istituto Nacionale di Architettura. 1989 Ediction
1st Award Nini Arcuri . Ordine degli Architetti di Reggio Calabria. 1996 Ediction

Client: Progresso e Lavoro Union

Fátima Fernandes and Michele Cannatà

Structural Engeneering
Giuseppe Surace

Photographic credits
Franco Mileto
Michele Cannatà


The urban palace with a patio and some spatially interesting rural typologies were the references for the project development.
The intervention involves two PEEP (Piano di Edilizia Economica e Popolare / Council Housing Plan) areas and four buildings.
The citizens’ lack of interest in maintaining the public areas for which the Municipal Council is directly responsible, prompted us to design high impact architectural elements with a view to creating spaces with a “monumental” urban scale. The common parts of the buildings: stairs, accesses to garages, passageways etc. were conceived as transitional elements between public and privates areas, opening onto common zones in an effort to construct new and powerful communal places.
Given the nature of council housing, the materials used were reduced to a minimum making for the more efficient control of the complicated economic and constructional conditioning factors.